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Christmas 2007

Dear Friends,

Today is Thanksgiving as I write this and surely we have much to be thankful for. For the first time this winter there is snow on the ground and again we are looking forward for some skiing Up North at the Summons. Thus we are thankful that we are still able enjoy the silence, the solitude and peace that a fresh blanket of snow brings, not to mention exercise, and allows us to breathe the clean cool air that lets you see for miles and miles.

This year has been a year of change for us. Bill has reached the age where most people think of you as being old, that is 80, and Nancy slowed down more than is just aging. Our doctors believe she has a form of Parkinson’s. The good news is that the prescribed medication has worked wonders and may continue to do so for quite some time. Life is surely a bell shaped curve with your horizons expanding as you grow up and shrinking, as you grow old. However both of us exercise regularly and our afflictions have not affected our life styles significantly. As a matter of fact Nancy is in the community wellness center so often, that even after more than thirty years of working out and playing racquetball there, Bill is known only as “Nancy’s husband”.

Bill still does some professional work, enjoyable only because of computers, and claims it keeps his mind from atrophying. Nancy lugs her laptop even Up-North and can’t be separated from it for even a few days. Who could have imagined such when we got married more than 50 years ago!

There were two places we had wanted to visit for a long time and that we did this year. Thus we spent a week in Hawaii on the island of Maui and took a two-week tour and cruise to Alaska. Many of you have done both so we don’t need to expound in detail, but for those of you who have not, do at least take a cruise through the inland passage, it is awe inspiring. I have to admit, as we grow older we seem to enjoy cruises more and more, if for no other reason of not having to lug bags every other day. We did also travel to Stratford in Canada for our annual theater excursion. If you have never been and find yourself in Canada its surely worthwhile. Although the emphasis is on Shakespeare they produce superb musicals and have four theaters going continuously.

This summer we were able to spend more time at the Summons in Omena, up on Lake Michigan than in past years and were able to get a little bit more sailing in. Also both Paul and Sue and their two boys, Michael and Bryan were able to visit and brought along their wave runner and showed us what they could do on their skis, wake boards etc. Leslie and Joseph and their children Hannah, Zachary, Lindsey and Genna also were able to spend time with us. Joseph’s company involved in mass spectroscopy is also doing well and adding employees. Most of our grandchildren are now teenagers with the oldest getting their driving licenses and are planning for college. How quickly time moves on! Eric our oldest just accepted a new job with an engineering consulting firm in Cleveland (only five hours away, WOW!). Dawn and Abigail our youngest grandchild, all of one year old, will stay in Albuquerque until next year so that Dawn can finish teaching obligations at the University of New Mexico.

As we approach the Christmas season and listen to the Christmas story and its message of peace, joy and goodwill, we extend our wishes to all of you that there may be peace, joy and goodwill in your lives, not just this holiday season but throughout the coming year


Your friends,

Bill and Nancy



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