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Personal and Family

We have been blessed with a wonderful family and have enjoyed a healthy life. Although I have greatly enjoyed the practice of intellectual property law, both from a standpoint of private practice and on behalf of corporations, the main events of our lives have centered on family activities. Please take a few moments and allow us to share some of these wonderful memories with you.


To keep up with friends and to chronicle our lives, I have written a Christmas letter each year for the last forty or so and Nancy has designed a card for “Weihnachten” in each of those years. We thought you might be interested in some of the letters and cards. Please click on a link below to see a selection of them.

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Family Pictures

The links below lead to a collection of watercolors painted in 1948 by my sister, Erika Strange. They capture some of the beautiful surroundings of Shanghai, China. We are sad to have to announce that Erika succumbed to cancer late in February of 2004.





We have written so much in our Christmas letters about the "Summons" in Omena on the Leelanau Pennisula
that we thought we should show you some pictures.

The Summons at first sight
The Sun room in winter
The Lake view front
Lake view in winter
Winter snowfall
Our Woods in the Fall
Fall in Omena
The Beach at the



Hotel Leveque-Paris
Le Conciergery-Paris
St. Chapelle-Paris

St. Chapelle-window

Notre Dame
Notre Dame -Entrance
Bill at Sacre Coer
Hotel de Ville
Chenenceau   Chateau Noizey              
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