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Sandt & Associates is a Michigan corporation that was created in the
seventies to handle, among other things, the financial aspects of the law
practice of Bernd W. “Bill” Sandt.

During my practice as patent litigation counsel for The Dow Chemical
Company (Dow), the few cases that I undertook outside of Dow to sharpen
my litigation skills were matters involving pro bono cases. Since my retire-
ment from Dow in 1994, I have returned to private practice to assist in patent
litigation for both small and large corporations. I also work to secure patent
protection for small companies and independent inventors and to aid in the
commercialization of such inventions.

We do not have an extensive caseload and do not desire such. As a result
of which we have more time to spend on individual cases. If you have a need
for our services we welcomes your inquiries.

Thank you for visiting our website and we welcome your comments.

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